#OnMyDramaRadar: My Drama Week in Emojis

Fall dramas are starting to roll in and as much as I want to check them all out *and* be up-to-date with my current dramas. I still. can’t. do. it. 😫 I need help stretching some days to at least 30 hours. Any time-benders out there?⏳⏳⏳

I’m a little behind with my watch list – for some of them it was intentional. So for this round I may not be reacting to the latest episode out. Please hold back on the spoilers though. Heehee 😉
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JTBC Drama ‘Fantastic’ to Revise Script in light of Ji-soo’s Medical Condition

Following reports of Ji-soo’s recent emergency surgery, the production team of his current drama Fantastic has announced that they will not replace the actor, but will be adjusting the story to consider his recovery. Ji-soo is part of the drama’s main cast as Kim Sang-wook, a young lawyer who will have a noona romance with Park Shi-yeon’s character.

Hold up. Ji-soo had what?

Last September 12, Ji-soo was rushed to the hospital for severe leg pain and high fever, and underwent emergency surgery for acute osteomyelitis (inflammation of the bone or bone marrow). It was later revealed that the rising actor has been suffering from leg pain for some time, and prior check ups had them initially suspect it to be bone cancer.
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First Impression: New JTBC Drama ‘Fantastic’ is Gives More than Celebrity Romance

My Friday-Saturday drama lineup suddenly felt empty after Age of Youth and The Good Wife said goodbye last week, which no amount of cohabitation hijinks from Cinderella and the Four Knights can solely fill. Hence I checked out the new JTBC drama FantastiC (while I still got spare time in my hands), which at the very least would let me see Ji-soo. Maybe it’s premiere burnout (my slate just looks totally different from a few weeks ago), but this drama didn’t quite captivate me as much as its predecessor AoY did. But it has some potential; and it looks like the K-audience are responding positively, maintaining ratings above 2% on its opening weekend (at 2.2%, 2.4%).
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