Awesome Foursomes: My 5 Favorite Dramaland #Brosquads

It seems like 4 is the perfect number for bromance in dramaland. With the popularization of the drama-version F4, productions have generated more quartets that stirred the hearts of the viewing public. Each member would have a distinct personality from the rest of the gang; and together they light up the screen as different versions of our ideal man. Whether they fight over the girl or show four-way brotherly love, it’s always a win-win situation for the audience. (Gender-bender is also welcome, when done properly.)

And it has several advantages, especially for the female viewers:

  • More eye-candies. We’re not stuck with just 2 options
  • Bromance multiplied
  • Can be evenly-split, which can be useful for in-squad pairings
  • Yet there’s not too many of them to sacrifice screentime/back-stories for each

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