K-Drama 101: What is a Candy Girl?

Familiar with the drama term “Candy girl”? Even if you say no, there’s an 80% chance that you’ve already encountered this type of heroine. She’s everywhere in K-dramaland, and is even sometimes referenced in other types of shows and media.
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‘Reply’ Series Tribute: My ‘Reply’ Awards

The Reply Series is my favorite K-drama franchise, which started as a humble tvN project that turned into a phenomenon – earning both critical praise and commercial fame. Every era brings a different flavor to the timeless stories of love, youth, and family – with each season breaking TV records. I’ve been wanting to write about the series (aka fangirl away) for sometime now. So I’m using this window to finally do it, before the post-Chuseok premieres spring up in late-September.

Fans tend to ask each other which is best among the three; but it’s almost unfair to choose one absolute favorite as they all have their own strong points. Not all dramas are created equal, even if they were written and directed by the same people. And since there’s the tvN10 Awards next month, I was inspired to create my own “Reply Awards”, to acknowledge the strengths of each season – at least in my opinion.
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Nominees Out, Voting Now Open for the tvN10 Awards

tvN is certainly celebrating its 10th year in a big way. Apart from having an impressive drama lineup this year, it will also hold its first-ever awards ceremony. The event will be held on the network’s anniversary date, Oct. 9, (which is only a month away), and the list of nominees has been released for online voting.

I’ve always been a fan of tvN for its fresh and original content, as well as its risk appetite for the sake of creativity. It has been home to some of my all-time favorite programs, and the network has made a strong presence in the industry by breaking TV records over the past decade.
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Inspiring, Influential Korean Sports Movies

Sports movies are hard to come by even in movie machine South Korea, and like in other countries the genre usually brings a message of hope, inspiring the audience by featuring ordinary people doing extraordinary feats.

For the last installment of my rather short sports series – my tribute to the recently-concluded Olympic Games, I am bringing you a few Kmovies of the sports genre that I’ve watched over the years. Most on my list became popular during their release and made some impact in society. I also included a couple of related 2016 films that I am curious to see.
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Sports in Varietyland: Sports Star Guestings on ‘Running Man’

What do you get when you cross elite athletes with Running Man?

images (62)
No, not *this* Running Man!!!

A different breed of entertainment. Rio 2016 may be officially over but the sports high continues in this blog, as we recall the times when famous athletes appeared on Running Man. This variety show uses the sports theme a lot (A LOT) and in different ways – from episode specials like Idol Olympics, to recurring mini games like ssireum (Korean wrestling). But Running Man gets on a different level of competitiveness and hilarity when actual sports icons take the stage.
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Dramaland Athletes: What’s the Most Popular Sport in Kdramas?

Sports dramas may not be all the rage in K-dramaverse, but various sports do get to be featured often enough thanks to athlete drama characters. Whether or not their profession is integral to the main storyline, it’s nice to see sportspeople once in a while. Actually, any job other than the usual chaebol, entertainer, or doctor is most welcome. And props to these actors for their effort in making their roles believable.

I’m kinda curious about the upcoming drama  Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-ju especially since it’s based on the story of a real athlete. Also, I haven’t seen a weightlifter in a drama before.(But why cast Lee Sung-kyung, though? I like her as an actress but her built doesn’t really say “weightlifter”. Anyway I’ll save this for later.)

So what are the most common sports played by our dramaland athletes? Let’s find out!
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Omo! My Five Favorite Outrageous Drama Moments

I’m also a part of the K-drama Amino community*, and every weekend the curators give out challenges for its members to encourage content creation. I had fun doing last week’s challenge so I decided to repost it here.

The task in the #MostOutrageousMoments Challenge is to select specific scenes from dramas that are downright ridiculous. And we all know there’s plenty of ’em in the whole dramaverse. But who doesn’t want a drama that can make us laugh, even if it means cringing in disbelief?
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Korean Actors Who Were Once Athletes

It’s the 2016 Rio Summer Olympics y’all! Whether you’re following it or not, it sure is affecting drama broadcast schedules. Major TV networks in Korea have pre-empted some currently airing shows for the Olympics broadcast, like W – Two Worlds, Wanted and Flower in Prison. Even the premiere of Moonlight Drawn by the Clouds has been pushed back by a week in light of this sporting event.

But enough with the violent reactions, because sports and dramas *can* coexist. In keeping with the Olympics season, I’ve decided to work on the theme “sports-meets-dramaland” in my next blogs, starting with this one. Hope you enjoy!
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Awesome Foursomes: My 5 Favorite Dramaland #Brosquads

It seems like 4 is the perfect number for bromance in dramaland. With the popularization of the drama-version F4, productions have generated more quartets that stirred the hearts of the viewing public. Each member would have a distinct personality from the rest of the gang; and together they light up the screen as different versions of our ideal man. Whether they fight over the girl or show four-way brotherly love, it’s always a win-win situation for the audience. (Gender-bender is also welcome, when done properly.)

And it has several advantages, especially for the female viewers:

  • More eye-candies. We’re not stuck with just 2 options
  • Bromance multiplied
  • Can be evenly-split, which can be useful for in-squad pairings
  • Yet there’s not too many of them to sacrifice screentime/back-stories for each

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My Two Cents on the Undeserved Cutdown of ‘Beautiful Mind’

It’s shocking and very upsetting indeed for the fans of Beautiful Mind, as KBS suddenly decides to pull the plug and cut it down by 2 episodes, bringing it now to only a total of 14 episodes. And just when it was getting better and better!

Not long after hearing about the news of the looming reduction, follow-up reports have surfaced to confirm that the decision has been finalized – with Jang Hyuk and a few KBS reps in-the-know beforehand. KBS points to conflict with the upcoming Summer Olympics as the reason behind the move, but I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t even dare touch its schedule if the drama performed well in terms of ratings. At the end of the day, ratings means revenue, and revenue means everything for a network, it seems.
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