Fantasy, Romance, Bromance, and a lot more in 6-minute teaser of ‘Goblin’

After what felt like an eternity, Gong Yoo’s highly-anticipated comeback drama Goblin (aka The Lonely Shining Goblin) is only just a couple of days away. And here’s the English subbed version of its long preview to get us even more hyped up.
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Teaser: Swoon 7 Times with Upcoming Web Drama “Seven First Kisses”

This must all be just a dream… Seven of the hottest men in K-entertainment AND top actress Choi Ji Woo together in one production? Lotte Duty Free has just made fantasy to reality.

Upcoming web drama Seven First Kisses (also known as First Kiss for the Seventh Time) is an upcoming otome game web drama about a forever-single Lotte Duty Free employee Min Soo Jin (played by the lucky girl Lee Cho Hee) who meets a “fairy godmother” (played by Choi Ji Woo) and was granted the chance to meet seven gorgeousssss men with different qualities.

And I thought we had enough of reverse harems this year.
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JTBC Drama ‘Fantastic’ to Revise Script in light of Ji-soo’s Medical Condition

Following reports of Ji-soo’s recent emergency surgery, the production team of his current drama Fantastic has announced that they will not replace the actor, but will be adjusting the story to consider his recovery. Ji-soo is part of the drama’s main cast as Kim Sang-wook, a young lawyer who will have a noona romance with Park Shi-yeon’s character.

Hold up. Ji-soo had what?

Last September 12, Ji-soo was rushed to the hospital for severe leg pain and high fever, and underwent emergency surgery for acute osteomyelitis (inflammation of the bone or bone marrow). It was later revealed that the rising actor has been suffering from leg pain for some time, and prior check ups had them initially suspect it to be bone cancer.
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New Teasers: Upcoming September KDramas

This is one busy month indeed in the world of Kdramas. New JTBC drama Fantastic aired last September 3, kickstarting the month’s batch of show premieres. Just when you thought your watch list is getting cleared, several new additions are just around the corner. Here’s a little taste on what to expect in these upcoming dramas:
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Lee Je-hoon, Shin Min-a Confirmed to Play Married Couple in ‘Tomorrow With You’

It’s happening! Both Lee Je-hoon (Signal) and Shin Min-a (Oh My Venus) have confirmed for the fantasy romance drama Tomorrow With You, and I couldn’t be more thrilled. The story will revolve around the romance and married life of a time-traveler and his wife.
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‘My Sassy Girl’ Drama Remake to Replace Current “Sassy Girl”

Well, this is a shocker. A few days ago, news broke that rookie actress Kim Joo-hyun (Modern Farmer) has stepped down from the titular role in My Sassy Girl. According to reports, she is troubled by the amount of public attention she’s been getting because of the role, and by the pressure of starring in such a big project. In light of this development, it is said that the production is now offering the lead role to Oh Yeon-seo.

My Sassy Girl is an upcoming SBS sageuk based on the classic hit movie of the same title (let’s not talk about its sequel), about a beautiful but troublesome princess in the Joseon dynasty. Joo Won (Yong-pal) has long been confirmed as the show’s leading man (his last project before military enlistment), but it seems he’s going to wait a little while longer before he’s finally joined by his sassy girl.
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Lee Je-hoon, Shin Min-a Offered Lead Roles in ‘Tomorrow With You’

Lee Je-hoon in a romcom? Fingers crossed for this casting to push through, as upcoming tvN drama Tomorrow With You sets its eyes on actor Lee Je-hoon to headline opposite Shin Min-a (who’s still considering the female lead role).

Can they just confirm already and start filming??? I’m already sold without looking at the premise!
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My Two Cents on the Undeserved Cutdown of ‘Beautiful Mind’

It’s shocking and very upsetting indeed for the fans of Beautiful Mind, as KBS suddenly decides to pull the plug and cut it down by 2 episodes, bringing it now to only a total of 14 episodes. And just when it was getting better and better!

Not long after hearing about the news of the looming reduction, follow-up reports have surfaced to confirm that the decision has been finalized – with Jang Hyuk and a few KBS reps in-the-know beforehand. KBS points to conflict with the upcoming Summer Olympics as the reason behind the move, but I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t even dare touch its schedule if the drama performed well in terms of ratings. At the end of the day, ratings means revenue, and revenue means everything for a network, it seems.
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