The Kdramas of 2016: Q4 Roundup

Dramas I dropped/paused that ended in Q4 2016:

The K2: As much as I wanted to support genre dramas, the extended action scenes and forced romance (with Yoona at that, who isn’t my favorite actress to watch) didn’t do much for me and for the story. It came across to me as the director showing off his flare, without proving its purpose to the story. Though I did want to hang on for SONG Yoon-ah, as she caught my attention with her acting and her fierceness onscreen. I know it had a successful run but it would take me more than ratings to get back on this one.

Entourage: I’ve waited for this drama because of its strong and likable ensemble – a good mix of actors and comedians, promising rookies and respected veterans – only to be underwhelmed on its pilot week. The bromance lacked spark and the storyline seemed too loose, as it struggles to establish things despite its long runtime. The audiencr reception wasn’t encouraging as well. Will things pick up towards the middle? Will it have a satisfying ending?

The Man Living in our House: The premise borders on being a bit creepy, but I tried it for kicks. I was pretty entertained in the first few episodes but I anticipated it would lull soon. So when I didn’t have time to watch everything, this drama was one of the first to go. Can somebody tell me if the actors’ chemistry is worth the watch?


*originally posted on my Kdrama Amino account*


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