Teaser: Swoon 7 Times with Upcoming Web Drama “Seven First Kisses”

This must all be just a dream… Seven of the hottest men in K-entertainment AND top actress Choi Ji Woo together in one production? Lotte Duty Free has just made fantasy to reality.

Upcoming web drama Seven First Kisses (also known as First Kiss for the Seventh Time) is an upcoming otome game web drama about a forever-single Lotte Duty Free employee Min Soo Jin (played by the lucky girl Lee Cho Hee) who meets a “fairy godmother” (played by Choi Ji Woo) and was granted the chance to meet seven gorgeousssss men with different qualities.

And I thought we had enough of reverse harems this year.

At first I thought it was all a hoax until I saw the teaser with my own eyes:

So just in case it’s not yet sinking in, YES… they just put together this year’s biggest names – Lee Joon-gi playing the “Mr. Perfect” type, Ji Chang-wook as the “sexy secret agent” (no surprises there), Park Hae-jin becoming the “romantic boss” (okayyy), Taecyeon of 2PM playing the innocent chaebol heir, Kai of EXO as the “charming student” (of course there’s gotta be a noona romance), Lee Jong-suk as the “nation’s most beloved actor”, and finally, Led Min-ho described as a “free spirit traveler”. They’re not just a bunch of pretty boys, they’re the cream of the crop.

Again, this is not a drill.

Seven First Kisses trailer was released during the press conference for the web drama, where four out of the seven leading men were present, along with Choi Ji-woo and Lee Cho-hee.

Expecting tons of cliché, looooots of eye candy, and the most difficult decision of choosing which one to root for.

Seven First Kisses is set to be released by mid-December.



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