On My Drama Radar: My Current Watchlist

I have a lot to catch up on in the world of Kdramas, as I’ve only kept track of a handful of dramas lately. I did check out a couple of premieres last week, and I’m quite pleased with my current roster of (mostly) rom-coms. Feeling warm and fuzzy inside could somewhat help battle a cold in this weather. Teehee.

Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo
(as of episode 18)


Remind me again what’s the purpose of Hae Soo being someone from the future? Don’t get me wrong, I’m still holding on to this show (it’s so close to the finale!) but I’m not so sure how the show will steer all storylines to a satisfying (and hopefully epic) conclusion.

Drinking Solo
(as of episode 16 – Finale)


I really wasn’t expecting much from this slice-of-life drama but it oddly became my most-anticipated drama of the week. It’s sad to see these lovable characters go. They’re so quirky and relatable, and they felt like real people with the writing and the performance. Ha Suk-jin is officially on my radar, and I’m looking forward to checking out his other drama – Something About 1%. Anyone watching this one? Is it any good?

The Man Living in Our House
(as of episode 2)


When the synopsis says it’s a romance between a woman and her young stepfather, I admit to being just a little bit grossed out to consider skipping this one. Actually, not many of the new/upcoming dramas have caught my attention, but I’m quite curious about how Kim Young-kwang will do after seeing him way back in Pinocchio. It’s quite okay so far though I’m not much sold on the humor, but I am curious about the mystery behind this hunky stepdad that I’m willing to watch on. See my first impression post on this drama.

Shopping King Louis
(as of episode 10)


Okay, I actually hit pause on this drama after its opening week, but I found myself binge-watching the rest of the episodes and now I’ve almost caught up with the most recent one. It’s just cute, cute, and cute! Seo In-guk being a cheeky fox and a lovesick puppy is a killer combo, I almost don’t mind the rest of the clichéd plot. Nam Ji-hyun is such an adorable actress and her character Bok-shil is charming with or without the gradual transformation. I mean, she could have had darker skin, curly hair, and heavy satoori all throughout the drama and I wouldn’t mind.

Jealousy Incarnate
(as of episode 19)


I thought this drama had 24 episodes because it needed time to explore the other rivalries on the show, but airtime is much heavily skewed on the main love triangle (which is too bad, I would have wanted more of the teens). This episode was particularly hard for me to watch because I was annoyed at Pyo Na-ri almost the entire time. Maybe some of that should have been directed to Hwa-shin, though. Anyway, there are five more episodes to go and Shopping King Louis has become my new Wed-Thu fave (and apparently the K-audience is with me on this), so this show shouldn’t be too relaxed in making a strong finale next week.

This Week, My Wife Will Have an Affair
(as of episode 2)


This is another drama premiere that I had to check out, because of its funny wind-themed teasers that made wordplay on “affair”. There are many adultery dramas but nothing much (or was there ever?) out there that actually turned the paranoia of an affair into a goldmine of comedy. Lee Sang-yeob had his funny moments and BoA is doing quite well so I have high hopes for this drama. Good thing I haven’t seen the original Japanese so I can enjoy the show with fresh eyes.


What’s your drama week like? Any currently-airing drama that I shouldn’t miss? Let me know!


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