Must Watch: “Moon” Dramas Cross over to Varietyland!

Starting the week just got so much better with the hottest sageuks Moonlight Drawn by Clouds and Moon Lovers – Scarlet Heart: Ryeo (gosh, these titles are loooong) around. But waiting for next episodes can be such a pain! Need a quick fix? Then you might wanna check out the cast’s latest variety show guestings. That is, if you haven’t seen them yet.

It’s back-to-back rivalries in varietyland last Sunday, as the stars of competing new dramas appeared on their network’s respective (competing) variety shows: Park Bo-gum of Moonlight on KBS 1 Night 2 Days vs. Lee Joon-gi, Kang Ha-neul, and Hong Jong-hyun of Moon Lovers on SBS Running Man.

If you’re not yet a fan of these variety programs, discovering how fun these actors are may make you finally watch. Conversely, fans of 1N2D and RM could fall for the charms of these handsome stars.

⚠Warning: may cause fangirling/fanboying⚠

The Park Bo-gum Effect on 1 Night 2 Days

unnamed (16)

Last Sunday’s episode was the 2nd of Park Bo-gum’s 3-part guesting on 1N2D (along with comedian Kim Joon-hyun). It started with Cha Tae-hyun’s* task as one of the team leaders to invite a friend to the show for a Battle Trip.

(*Cha Tae-hyun co-founded Bogummie’s agency Blossom Entertainment and acts as a mentor/hyung to PBG. He did a cameo on MDBC Ep1.)

Bo-gum’s first appearance last week became the program’s most-viewed episode this year with 19.9%, while the latest episode recorded 18.2%. Who wouldn’t tune in if you’d get to see all-around good guy Bo-gum be an enthusiatic and attentive guest?

Watch out for:
1. Dance Time, and his Sports Drink “CF”

unnamed (18)unnamed (1)

2. Park Bo-gum’s “magic” aka his persuasion skills (hypnotism?) in making members do tasks they never thought they’d ever do

2016-09-01 05.26.00
3. ‘Bo-gum Tour’ aka him diligently doing everything for his group, when he’s supposed to be taken care of as a guest (it’s like ‘Youth over Flowers Africa’ again)

2016-08-31 15.33.30

4. His endless “thank-yous” while doing extreme activities (classic Bogummie)

2016-09-01 05.25.23

Is one flower boy not enough? There’s also new regular member Yoon Dong-gu (real name of Yoon Shi-yoon) to brighten up the screen.


The final installment will air next Sunday, 4:50pm KST. If he weren’t so busy, I’d definitely agree for him to be a regular on the show.

The Goryeo Princes’ Epic Variety Moments on ‘Running Man’


Meanwhile, RM aired a ‘Scarlet Heart Ryeo’-themed race on the eve of the drama’s premiere. Appearing as guests were the sageuk’s three main princes. The guys showed a different side to them as they carried out missions, delivered cheesy lines, and ripped nametags.

Watch out for:
1. The intro. To which I can only say, “make some noise”

2. Lee Joon-gi’s enthusiasm aka how he was just sooo into it, making me laugh and cringe (like Haneul…does that mean we’re soulmates???). Not to mention lots of fan service.


3. Kang Ha-neul getting flustered and awkward like a shy rookie. He’s been on the show a couple of times already but he can’t seem to get over his amusement. How cute.


4. Hong Jong-hyun’s archery skills and his competitive spirit that only Kim Jong-kook can break.

unnamed (6)

Okay, I just can’t get over Joon-gi. Honestly it took me a while before getting the image of *this* Lee Joon-gi out of my mind and accept his serious character Wang So. He was just so entertaining!

I know waiting for next week feels like eternity but I hope this post makes you feel a bit better!

Have you seen these variety show episodes yet? What was your favorite moment?


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