#OnMyDramaRadar 3: This Week in Dramas

It’s one busy week of hellos and goodbyes in Kdramaland. But with FIVE drama premieres this week, I simply cannot (and will not!) take on all of them. Meanwhile, the Olympics makes one final pre-emption on the side of Jdramas, which will be somehow compensated come next week. So I’m skipping Jdramaland this week altogether.

As always, these mini-reactions will be short, sweet, and spoiler-free. Let’s get to it.


FINALE: Doctors (episode 18-20)


The leads get a happy ending, but I needed closure on the side characters too since I stuck with this show. Not gonna lie, this is my least favorite on my current watchlist and I struggled keeping up with it. ‘Twas one long ride, and I’m glad I can put this drama behind me.

Let’s Fight Ghost (episode 13-14)


Still cute, still funny, still oozing with chemistry, but a little more emotional. Finally some clarity on the major arc, as the stage is being set for next week’s finale. Biggest win this week is that Taecyeon came through on the heavier scenes, yay!

PREMIERE: Moonlight Drawn by Clouds (episode 1-2)


A  little Sungkyunkwan Scandal-y, but this drama’s opening week is definitely more lighthearted and contemporary! It’s staying true to the promise of a youthful sageuk – which is also reflected in the bright lighting and color grading, and the actors are just so cute and preeeettttyyyy. I’m getting distracted by their beautiful faces that I may be missing some plot details. Wait, reverse that. The whole script is distracting me from just appreciating Bogumie and the rest of the flower cast’s existence.


W – Two Worlds (episode 10-11)


I have some fundamental questions about the bended universes that I need clearer explanations to. But now I’m holding them out believing that they will be answered in due course. I refuse to be too dumb for a drama, so I’ll spare a few more brain cells figuring this out. I’ve never been so intrigued as to how a story will tie up in the end.

All I know is that it sucks to be Soo-bong right now – being the only person stuck in the real world to deal with the bloody mess, where everyone has no clue about the ongoing crisis. Surprised he hasn’t been admitted to the psych ward yet.

Uncontrollably Fond (episode 15-16)


No, my poor baby Noh Jik, noooooooo!!! You’re the only decent person in that messed up world so get a grip and get a better girl! On a different note, this drama proves I have a strong tolerance for deranged behavior and angst overdose. Or is it because I love Kim Woo-bin too much?

PREMIERE: Jealousy Incarnate (episode 1-2)


I love it when jealousy is mostly sweet and funny, rather than pathetic and psychotic. Some (actually, LOTS OF) groping, three potential love triangles, mean girls, yet another Reply 1988 alum on a comeback drama, the funky dancing, awesome actors who could never fail to slay, and a serious deadlock between the lead & second lead. I want more, please!

Also, am I the only one seeing Youth Over Flowers Iceland (and Africa!) here???


FINALE: Age of Youth (episode 11-12)


It’s bittersweet to say goodbye to this gem of a show. I’m seriously gonna miss these girls, their beaus, and the indie music. I hoped we could have bonded a little longer. But in as short as twelve episodes they made me laugh, cry, and see a different perspective in – you know – real stuff. Belle Epoque, fighting! *grouphug*

PENULTIMATE: The Good Wife (episode 15)


I felt just a little empty after the final episode of Age of Youth that I want to finish this one some other time. But as always, I’m impressed by the fierce women on this show. Though with things still about to happen, I’m beginning to think we won’t have a solid wrap-up by next episode. I just want a happy ending for Hye-kyeong. Oh wait, I just sounded like Oh Yeon-joo there.

 Cinderella and the Four Knights (episode 5-6)


My cotton candy, my guilty pleasure. An episode where she creates a crack on the knights’ walls, and an episode where our modern-day Cinderella becomes the classic damsel in distress. But as you said before, dear Cinderella, an independent modern woman doesn’t need Prince Charming or even a knight for that matter.  Though perhaps you’d consider a smexy-tary by your side? *wink*

Other Drama Premieres this Week:

Blow Breeze, starring Son ho-jun and Im Ji-yeon


Our Gab Soon, starring Kim So-eun and Song Jae-rim

The Gentlemen of Wolgyesu Tailor Shop (aka Laurel Tree Tailors), starring Lee Dong-gun, Cha In-pyo, Choi Won-young, and Hyun-woo

How’s your week in dramaland? What’s your favorite among your current watchlist? Have you checked out the new dramas this week?


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