Dramaland Athletes: What’s the Most Popular Sport in Kdramas?

Sports dramas may not be all the rage in K-dramaverse, but various sports do get to be featured often enough thanks to athlete drama characters. Whether or not their profession is integral to the main storyline, it’s nice to see sportspeople once in a while. Actually, any job other than the usual chaebol, entertainer, or doctor is most welcome. And props to these actors for their effort in making their roles believable.

I’m kinda curious about the upcoming drama  Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-ju especially since it’s based on the story of a real athlete. Also, I haven’t seen a weightlifter in a drama before.(But why cast Lee Sung-kyung, though? I like her as an actress but her built doesn’t really say “weightlifter”. Anyway I’ll save this for later.)

So what are the most common sports played by our dramaland athletes? Let’s find out!

• in the list below, the sport is a significant aspect of the character
• list is limited to Kdramas (Jdramas have a looooot more); sports films will be featured separately
• random playing not counted (e.g. neighborhood basketball/soccer, flirty wrestling, casual workouts, or CEO golf meetings)

1. Baseball (Drama Count: 7)

College baseball pitcher Kim Jung-joo (Two Outs in the Ninth Inning) and high school star Ro-woon (web drama Click Your Heart)

Baseball club buddies Im Tae-san and Choi Yoon (A Gentleman’s Dignity); pro baseball rivals Kim Young-kwan and Seo In-woo (Glory Jane)

Kang Bae-ho (Operation Proposal), international athlete Chilbong (Reply 1994) and star player Park Moo-yeol (Wild Romance)

Special mentions: Han Jung-woo (Cinderella’s Sister), Coach Sung Dong-il (Reply 1997, Reply 1994), umpire Seo Yi-soo (A Gentleman’s Dignity)

2. Judo (Drama Count: 4)

Park Ji-heon (Dr. Champ), judo team captain Lee Bong-hee (web drama The Flatterer), hot headed student athlete Kang Min-gu (Plus Nine Boys), Yoon Seo (Tree of Heaven)

3. Swimming  (Drama Count: 3)

Star swimmer Han Yi-an (Who Are You: School 2015), national swimmer Do Do-hee (Hogu’s Love) and Geum Jan-di (Boys over Flowers)

• Golf  (Drama Count: 3)

Overweight nerd-turned-hot pro golfer Karl Oh (Get Karl! Oh Soo-jung); former golfer John Lee and the new queens of golf (Birdie Buddy); pro golfer Hong Se-ra (A Gentleman’s Dignity)

4. Basketball  (Drama Count: 2)

Talented basketball player Ha Dong-jae (Sassy Go Go); Kang San and the other young athletes during the Japanese occupation (Basketball)

• Football/Soccer (Drama Count: 2)

Promising players Cha Eun-gyeol (To the Beautiful You) and Cha Bong-gun (Heading to the Ground)

• Ice Hockey (Drama Count: 2)

Varsity ice hockey player with a double life Lee Min-seok (High School King of Savvy) and Jo Joon-man (Puck!)

• Tennis (Drama Count: 2)

“Sharapova of Korea” Kim Se-hyeon (My Girl)

International tennis champion Gary Choi (Lucky Romance)

• Taekwondo (Drama Count: 2)

Taekwondo instructor and delivery girl Go Eun-chan (Coffee Prince); Coach Yoon Do-hyeon and his protége Choi Myeong-seong (Do You Know Taekwondo)

• Track and Field :running: (Drama Count: 2)

High jumper Kang Tae-joon and the other track team guys (To the Beautiful You)

Pole vaulter Jung Cha-sik (Page Turner)

• Volleyball (Drama Count: 2)

Volleyball goddess Kang Se-ra, star player Hwang Jae-woong, and the rest of the team (Thumping Spike); High school teacher and volleyball player (as well as ramyun shop owner) Yang Eun-bi (Flower Boy Ramyun Shop)

5. Boxing (Drama Count: 1)

Choi Jung-woo (Puberty Medley)

• Other Martial Arts (Drama Count: 1 of each)

MMA Fighter Jang Joon-sung aka “Korean Snake” (Oh My Venus)

The ass-kicking students of Moorim Institute (Moorim School)

 K-1 Fighter Lee Jang-seok (Dream)

• Baduk

Genius-at-baduk-but-slow-at-everything-else Choi Taek (Reply 1988)

Figure Skating

Lee Ha-ru (Triple)

• Gymnastics

“Nation’s Fairy” Seol Han-na (To the Beautiful You)

• Shooting (Pistol)

Olympic gold medalist Kang Chul (W-Two Worlds)

• Short Track Speed Racing

National athlete Ji Poon-ho (Triple)

So if you have some Rio 2016 hangover, do check out these dramas for a quick sports fix.
I’m sure I missed a lot so feel free to add to the list!
Which sport do you like seeing in dramaland? Which sport do you want dramas to feature more of? Just go to the comments section!

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