Omo! My Five Favorite Outrageous Drama Moments

I’m also a part of the K-drama Amino community*, and every weekend the curators give out challenges for its members to encourage content creation. I had fun doing last week’s challenge so I decided to repost it here.

The task in the #MostOutrageousMoments Challenge is to select specific scenes from dramas that are downright ridiculous. And we all know there’s plenty of ’em in the whole dramaverse. But who doesn’t want a drama that can make us laugh, even if it means cringing in disbelief?

:triangular_flag_on_post:My list contains scenes from the following dramas, so be careful for SPOILERS:

• You’re Beautiful
• Let’s Fight Ghost
• Another Oh Hae Young
• You Who Came from the Stars
• Kill Me Heal Me
• Come Back Ahjussi (Please Come Back Mister)

:triangular_flag_on_post:Also contains some slightly spooky images.

Runner up: The vomit kiss (You’re Beautiful)

Where to cringe more? Park Shin-hye’s signature open-eyed kiss, or her subsequent vomiting?

Germophobe or not, I’d faint too if someone hurls at my face. Just. Eww. :dizzy_face:

5. The scene that made me gasp: The shocking (in more ways than one) first cameo (Let’s Fight Ghost)

The first episode’s first few minutes is crucial in setting the tone of a drama, and capturing audience attention. Well this one captured mine indeed as it gave me the creeps. :fearful::fearful::fearful:

Oh no, he didn’t…:cold_sweat: Taecyeon hitting a woman??? :grimacing: His character Bong-Pal was quick to remark: he slapped a ghost, not a girl. Ha. :ghost:

Oh hey there, Lee Se-young. Almost didn’t recognize that she’s the actress-comedienne from Reply 1988 and SNL Korea. :scream:

4. The scene that weirded me out in a good way: Hae-young’s tango dance break (Another Oh Hae Young)

You know the heroine has gone cray-cray when, after being quiet and depressed the entire time, she randomly gets up and dances in the middle of the night. :dancer:

And you know you where she inherited it from when mom joins the party. :dancer::dancer:

And you also know the PD liked it when its screentime ran for over two minutes.

3. The scene that cracked me up *and* sold me lipstick: Song-yi as a caterpillar
(You Who Came from the Stars)

Jun Ji-hyun had many hilarious moments in this drama, but the most unforgettable for me was her transformation as a giant squirmy thing. :bug: I don’t know how Kim Soo-hyun kept a straight face while filming this.

Seriously that lip color though… :kissing::kiss:

2. The scene that lowkey turned into a rap battle: the dress code situation (Kill Me Heal Me)

Ahn Yo-na is top-of-mind when it comes to KMHM funny moments. But angsty Shin Se-gi gave understated humor that was also so much fun to watch. Loved Ji Sung and Hwang Jung-eum’s ad-lib in this scene… all because of a necktie! Simple as it is, it moved up my list for being completely random and totally improvised. :thumbsup:

This scene really killed me (and healed me??? :laughing:)

1. The scene that made me cringe, laugh, and roll on the floor: the ahjussi liplock (Come Back Ahjussi)

This drama is still the funniest I’ve seen this year, thanks to its slapstick bodyswap humor.

When they look like this on the outside :sunglasses::

But the scene cuts to what they actually look like on the inside :cold_sweat::

So if it isn’t funny enough that Gi-tak tries to stop Young-soo like this…

Then brace yourself for the worst in the next few seconds (eeep!!!) :see_no_evil:

Waaaaaaaah! :scream::scream::scream:


What your top LOL-worthy outrageous moments?

*K-Drama Amino is a community for all Kdrama and Kreality lovers.

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