Lee Je-hoon, Shin Min-a Offered Lead Roles in ‘Tomorrow With You’

Lee Je-hoon in a romcom? Fingers crossed for this casting to push through, as upcoming tvN drama Tomorrow With You sets its eyes on actor Lee Je-hoon to headline opposite Shin Min-a (who’s still considering the female lead role).

Can they just confirm already and start filming??? I’m already sold without looking at the premise!

‘Tomorrow With You’ is a fantasy drama about a “time-traveling husband and his cheerful wife” (so…The Time Traveler’s Wife?). With the PD of Oh My Ghostess and High School King of Savvy bringing us this project, I imagine it to be a fun, quirky romance. Something I would love to see Lee Je-hoon do (actually any kind of loveline is fine).

Both actors were not the first choice for their respective roles, with actress Han Ji-min rejecting her offer earlier on, while the production lost Lee Min-ki in light of his recent scandal. Somehow it works out because I’m more interested about this pairing. Oh, please make it happen.

The drama was originally scheduled to air sometime in September to replace The Good Wife. But now that K2 (starring Ji Chang-wook) is taking the said slot, TWY is slated for an early-2017 airing.

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