On My Drama Radar: My Week in Dramas

I guess it’s better to be drowning in dramas than to have nothing worth watching at all, so I’m happily ‘busy’ keeping up with what dramaland has to offer. It’s definitely a challenge, though; because just missing almost two weeks of dramas (with the exception Beautiful Mind, of course) meant spending my weekend on lockdown to catch up. Goodbye, social life.

It’s been a while since I first blogged about my current watchlist, and several dramas already came and went in between (they’d be featured some other time). But just like last time, I’m going to write my quick thoughts on these shows as of the latest episode I’ve seen.


38 Task Force (episode 14)


I’ve given up trying to predict what will happen next in this drama. I just assume that the episode would most likely follow this sequence: dialogue, dialogue, planning, dialogue, execution, dialogue, silence, PLOT TWIST, CLIFFHANGER, JAW DROP. END.

By now I’m used to getting played by its twists that make my head spin, but I didn’t expect this show to also tug my heartstrings. Then I realized that next week is already its final week, so I wept some more.

Beautiful Mind (episode 12)


The actual “beautiful mind” here is writer Kim Tae-hee, who manages to keep a tight, meaningful, and thrilling story, even with the episode-reduction and all (to which I’ve already said my piece). It’s funny how they tackled “hospital downsizing” after the said cut: a coincidental generic commentary or a cleverly-placed message about the issue? With each drama hour comes a new revelation, which weirdly makes things both more believable and unbelievable at the same time (if that makes sense), but altogether totally heartbreaking. It makes me sad to think I’d have to say goodbye to it by next week.

Also, is Lee Young-oh doing all the work in the neurosurgery department? All these other guys do is sit around and gossip.

Doctors (episode 12)


I dunno but I was hoping Hye-jung could put some of her badassery in their relationship. She’s the one adjusting, apologizing, and making puppy stares. Sorry to say the patient story was way more interesting than the main characters this week. Keeping this spoiler-free so I’m just gonna say Jo Dal-hwan and Han Hye-jin’s cameo saved this week’s episodes for me.

Honestly, I’m not sure how they’d sustain the hype for 8 more episodes. I really don’t care about *this* kind of hospital politics (which is taking so much screentime), I don’t buy the romance, and the girls’ rivalry is too petty (and one-sided!). So please give me better reasons to hang on, apart from Jung Yoon-do.

Uncontrollably Fond (episode 8)


While this kind of drama is not my usual fare, seeing Kim Woo-bin and Im Joo-hwan slay at being tortured souls is enough for me to watch on. I just wish I won’t see a drunk-Noh Eul scene of any kind anymore and we’re good.

Admittedly when the scenes have prolonged brooding, I sometimes zone out and think that Kim Woo-bin and Suzy are perfect to headline the Korean version of Twilight. Not that the story is worth retelling though. It would be a close fight but I think Suzy would beat Kristen Stewart’s acting.

Let’s Fight Ghost (episode 6)


I love it! This show makes horror not just watchable, but highly entertaining for me – thanks to Cheon-sang and In-rang. This week brought something else, though, as my usual dose of horror-comedy took an emotional turn. At first I was worried about the lead pair’s onscreen chemistry; but six episodes in and I simply adore whatever kind of relationship they have going on. And wow, the K-audience is responding positively as well, as it pulls the same ratings as Beautiful Mind – considering that LFG is a cable drama.

To those confused about their ages: Drama-version Bong-pal is 23, while Hyun-jin was 19 when she died so now she’s technically 24. Taecyeon is 27 years old while KSH is 17 (international ages). Another (totally random and useless) trivia: both previously starred in different dramas entitled Who Are You. Taecyeon was a rookie cop partnered with a ghost-seeing detective (ikr) in tvN drama Who Are You?; and Kim So-hyun played as twins in School 2015: Who Are You? (the ending of which I still cannot completely accept).

The Good Wife (episode 7)


The tension, the secrets, the suppressed emotions, the wit, the fashion, the acting. So many reasons to watch this drama, which gives a fresh take on the original version. I’ve found another solid Friday/Saturday show (apart from 38 Task Force) to give life to my drama weekends.

It’s evident since the beginning that I’m all about Jeon Do-yeon in this drama, but (gahhh!) clearly Yoo Ji-tae and Yoon Kye-sang also deserve my attention. Both actors are  testing my moral compass by having to choose between sketchy-but-charismatic or sweet-but-sketchy. I seriously don’t know whom to root for.



W – Two Worlds (episode 4)


Where do I even start? It’s a well-written, wonderfully-executed, wildly addictive Wed/Thu drama about a webtoon world crossing over real life. I’m already freaking out every episode as a viewer so I could just imagine being in the main characters’ shoes. In other words, I’m hooked.

Sure, Lee Jong-suk as a super-chaebol sounds awesome, but it’s Han Hyo-joo’s comeback that I was looking forward to in this drama. Her character Oh Yeon-joo is totally endearing with her meta theories and acts of desperation. But did dramaland declare 2016 as Year of Doctor Roles? Because I’m kinda getting tired of seeing white coats.

Age of Youth (episode 2)


I decided to check this one out because – yay girl power! And without seeing any teasers (only assuming from the title and the character profiles), I was expecting a lively ensemble in a fun production – sort of a young female version of A Gentleman’s Dignity. Which is why I was a bit surprised at how muted the pilot episode was, reminding me more of Misaeng, plus some dark, eerie elements.

But the characters are growing on me after seeing more of them, and it’s nice to see this portrayal of girlworld. Also, dramaland needs more strong girlsquads. Wait, I should totally write a separate blog for that.



Koe Koi (episode 3)
Translation: Voice Love


I chanced upon this drama while looking for something sweet and light after being emotionally toyed by K-dramas. This show makes a nice palate cleanser with its short runtime (~25mins) and simple storyline. And the premise screams shoujo manga: A high school student gets a phone call from the class representative and she immediately falls for his voice. She excitedly goes to class the next day to finally meet him, only to find him wearing a paper bag over his head.

I don’t know how that guy could function properly with that thing on, let alone why he’s hiding under that bag in the first place. But the school story itself is cute and innocent.

Sukina Hito Ga Iru Koto (episode 3)

Translation: There’s Someone I Like
English Title: A Girl & Three Sweethearts


Two things got me to check it out: 1) Yamazaki Kento looking smexier than ever, and 2) Kiritani Mirei cohabitating with three good-looking guys. Yep, I’m all yours.

The story is about a recently-unemployed patissier who one day bumps into her first love. Coincidentally, he’s a restaurateur in need of a pastry chef in his seaside restaurant, so he offers her a job and a room at his place. She jumps into it partly for the possibility of romance, but she didn’t realize that she’d be living with his brothers as well – a cold chef with a sharp tongue and a cheeky playboy.

I’m so pleased with how the romance is shaping up, with the simple moments building their attraction. Did I mention that Yamazaki Kento – all tan and hosomacho (slim but muscular) – is a chef in this drama?


Whew. This list makes it look like I’ve given up on living in the real world; so I’m half-sad, half-relieved that some shows will be over soon. Gotta make room for ‘em upcoming August dramas, though (good thing there are only a few I’m interested in), so we’ll see which in my current list makes it til the end.

How’s your week in dramaland?



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