My 5 Favorite Park Bo-young Moments

Park Bo-young has caught the attention of fans with her cute features and charming personality, even earning the title “Nation’s Little Sister”. She hasn’t done a lot of TV dramas in recent years though, which is why I am excited for her return to dramaland with JTBC drama Strong Woman Do Bong Soon. Sadly, we’d have to wait until 2017; but in the meantime let’s look at some of the moments that made Park Bo-young an endearing celebrity:

5. When she tried to cheat using aegyo


Usually when actresses appear as guests on Running Man, they’d either be trying too hard to get attention, or looking too conscious about their image. Park Bo-young, however, has a natural presence in variety shows and good chemistry with the cast members; she’s easily one of my favorite guests on the show.


In one episode, a mini game between Park Bo-young and RM member Song Ji-hyo required them to make the tallest tower out of cut-up rice cakes. Seeing that she’s losing, Bo-young made a silly act of desperation – shout at the opponent’s tower in the hopes of knocking it down, or at least distract Ji-hyo. Loudly and repeatedly screaming “eonni” (big sister), her sudden outburst of aegyo (cuteness) generates laughs.

4. When she threw punches and curses around like a total badass


Being one of Korea’s sweethearts meant being a symbol of innocence and girly qualities. So I was surprised to see her stray from that image of hers to be an angsty, foul-mouthed 80’s gang boss in the movie Hot Young Bloods (2014). Despite her petite frame she looked menacing with her resting b*tch face and constant cussing. No wonder Lee Jong-suk didn’t want to mess with her.


3. When she haggled like a pro with the show’s PD


For the Frienship Trip Special, 2 Days 1 Night asked its cast to invite a girl female friend to the show. Cha Tae-hyun called on his onscreen daughter (in hit movie Speed Scandal/ Scandal Makers), much to the delight of the other members. After playing some games to decide on their snacks, Bo-young’s group decided to trade their 2 trays of eggs for coffee instead. The PD however tells them that he can exchange them for 2 coffees only, which is obviously not enough for 6 people. Park Bo-young steps up to negotiate. Her tactic? Guilt-trip him to submission. The others could only sit and watch, half-amazed, half-embarrassed.

Oh the things you do for coffee.

13616170_10154327690532533_482052267_o (1)

2. When she was actually the boss of Big Boss


Song Joong-ki may be the one giving orders now as Capt. Yoo Shi-jin (call sign Big Boss), but a few years ago he was just a mere wild child (well, a handsome wild child) who can’t do anything without Bo-young saying so. In the 2012 film A Wereworlf Boy, she played a sickly girl who befriends an abandoned boy with unusual behavior. And you know the friendship is strong when his attachment borders on the possessive kind.


Marking his territory, I see.

1. When she endlessly switched from extremely introverted and glum to hyperactive, playful, and *thirsty* (and back again), like it was the easiest and most normal thing in the world

I wasn’t quite familiar yet with Park Bo-young during the time I watched Oh My Ghostess. Pleasantly surprised by her amazing performance; she really made a lasting first impression on me. For one, it’s not easy to play two extreme personalities without the help of costume or props to further distinguish the two. It was like transforming from Cha Do-hyun to Shin Se-gi (note: Kill Me Heal Me reference) but without the eyeliner and tattoos. Her acting also had to be consistent with that of Kim Seul-gi (the talented actress/comedienne playing the ghost), in order for her possession to be convincing. Bo-young did a great job in pulling off both characters, and in creating chemistry with male lead Jo Jung-suk using each persona. She made the bizarre plot of the drama enjoyable to watch.

13633232_10154326859082533_502751950_o (1)13589264_10154326859402533_106951557_o (1)

BONUS: When her innocent slip up made so many girls jealous

While presenting an award with Hallyu star Lee Min-ho at the 32nd Blue Dragon Film Awards, Park Bo-young casually called Min-ho “oppa”. Twice. Addressing someone in such a personal way in a public broadcast/formal event is a no-no, so Bo-young quickly corrected herself. However, this just hinted that they were close off-screen, to the envy of Lee Min-ho fans.

The beginning of their conversation went something like:

LMH: Bo-young ssi (Ms. Bo-young), I haven’t seen you in a while. You look more womanly now.

PBY: Thank you, oppa. You’ve become more handsome. *giggles* Oppa – ah, no – Lee Min-ho ssi, I’ve enjoyed watching City Hunter.

The pair officially debuted together in 2006 in Secret Campus, and have worked together in other projects in the past, so it’s only natural for them to be close. Calm your hearts.

More than just a youthful face, Park Bo-young has got the innate charm and the expanding acting experience that can cement her status in the industry. Already looking forward to seeing more of her in the future.

What can you say about Park Bo-young? Are you excited for her return to the small screen?


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