Awesome Foursomes: My 5 Favorite Dramaland #Brosquads

It seems like 4 is the perfect number for bromance in dramaland. With the popularization of the drama-version F4, productions have generated more quartets that stirred the hearts of the viewing public. Each member would have a distinct personality from the rest of the gang; and together they light up the screen as different versions of our ideal man. Whether they fight over the girl or show four-way brotherly love, it’s always a win-win situation for the audience. (Gender-bender is also welcome, when done properly.)

And it has several advantages, especially for the female viewers:

  • More eye-candies. We’re not stuck with just 2 options
  • Bromance multiplied
  • Can be evenly-split, which can be useful for in-squad pairings
  • Yet there’s not too many of them to sacrifice screentime/back-stories for each

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My Two Cents on the Undeserved Cutdown of ‘Beautiful Mind’

It’s shocking and very upsetting indeed for the fans of Beautiful Mind, as KBS suddenly decides to pull the plug and cut it down by 2 episodes, bringing it now to only a total of 14 episodes. And just when it was getting better and better!

Not long after hearing about the news of the looming reduction, follow-up reports have surfaced to confirm that the decision has been finalized – with Jang Hyuk and a few KBS reps in-the-know beforehand. KBS points to conflict with the upcoming Summer Olympics as the reason behind the move, but I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t even dare touch its schedule if the drama performed well in terms of ratings. At the end of the day, ratings means revenue, and revenue means everything for a network, it seems.
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A Good Start for ‘The Good Wife’ (Korea)

There’s a whole slew of highly-anticipated summer dramas dividing audience attention right now, but the actual battle seems to be down between Park Shin-hye/Kim Rae-won and Suzy/Kim Woo-bin. And with a set of gorgeous Hallyu stars appearing on national networks, others – especially those on cable – are left out of the viewers’ mindspace.

I am hoping that ‘The Good Wife’ somehow survives competition with decent (if not exceptional) ratings, if only for the fact that a phenomenal – though not as widely known – actress headlines it. Premiering last weekend with 4.0% and 3.8% on its first two episodes, respectively, the show kicks off with a pretty strong start for a cable TV drama.
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Happy Six Years of Running! The 6 Things I Love About Running Man

It’s already been six years since the first episode of Running Man was aired in July 11, 2010; where the six male cast members (Yoo Jae-suk, Haha, Song Joong-ki, Lee Kwang-soo, Gary, Ji Suk-jin), along with two female guests – actress Hwang Jung Eum and singer/variety pro Lee Hyori – made their awkward introductions under the pouring rain. Six years later, in yesterday’s episode, the members (with some slight lineup change from the original cast) are still drenched in the rain, ripping nametags. But they’re now a lot more skilled in variety, a lot closer to each other and to their audience, and a lot more popular because of the show.

13664702_10154337024132533_181092680_n (1)

And so in celebration, I thought it’d be cool to write something about this show. At first I thought of picking out my favorite episode in each year. Or perhaps run down my favorite moments, episodes, guests, etc. But as I’m nothing compared to hardcore fans, choosing among 307 episodes proves to be VERY difficult. What’s easy, though, is to share what I like about Running Man:
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My 5 Favorite Park Bo-young Moments

Park Bo-young has caught the attention of fans with her cute features and charming personality, even earning the title “Nation’s Little Sister”. She hasn’t done a lot of TV dramas in recent years though, which is why I am excited for her return to dramaland with JTBC drama Strong Woman Do Bong Soon. Sadly, we’d have to wait until 2017; but in the meantime let’s look at some of the moments that made Park Bo-young an endearing celebrity:
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When Crooks Take the Spotlight: the Crime/Heist Genre

There’s something about crooks pulling off a perfect crime that is so satisfying to watch. I’ve recently been following the OCN drama 38 Task Force, and it definitely reawakens my fascination with stories where bad guys become heroes.


First, a little intro about 38 Task Force (aka Police Unit 3838 Squad38 Revenue Collection Unit). Seo In-guk plays a con man that teams up with a tax collection chief (Ma Dong-seok) to swindle money out of high-profile tax evaders. He doesn’t do it alone, though. He gathers a team of professional criminals to deceive their way into people’s pockets – one unlucky victim at a time. See, even a boring thing such as taxes can turn sexy when you have a felon onboard.
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